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Far-Left Democrats Swoop In To Save Peters

Elizabeth Warren’s fundraiser with Peters belies bipartisan claims

Livonia, Mich. — The Senate’s most liberal Democrats are circling the wagons to try and save Gary Peters senate seat, contradicting Peters’ repeated claims of bipartisanship.

This evening, former progressive presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren will host a virtual fundraiser with Peters. Warren backs extreme policies like eliminating private health insurance and packing the U.S. Supreme Court.

During Peters first run for Senate in 2014, Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s “PAC For A Level Playing Field” donated $10,000 to Peters’ campaign committee.

Peters returned the favor by adopting extreme policies and  voting with Warren 85% of the time over the next six years.

  • Both support Medicare For All. In 2019, Sen. Peters affirmed his support for Medicare For All, telling an activist, “Sir, I agree, and we have to go to where you are going. I agree.”
  • Both are backed by groups like the ACLU, Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, and Planned Parenthood who have all called, or are working to defund the police.
  • Both voted at least 103 times for higher taxes & fees
  • Both voted to delay critical Coronavirus relief funding for liberal wish-list items like environmental justice grants.
  • Both denounce dark money groups, while Peters signals outside groups to place millions of dollars of ads on his behalf.

“Tonight’s event should show voters one thing: Sen. Gary Peters is not bipartisan. He is willing to say and do anything to get re-elected and continue his 30-year career getting rich in office while doing nothing to help Michigan,” said Abby Walls, campaign spokesperson. “Michigan needs a leader with integrity, like John James, who will stick by his values of faith and family, God and country and service before self.”