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Michigan’s Senate Race is Tied

Margin is just 1 percentage point in a poll with 4.6 margin of error

Livonia, Mich. — A recent poll from The New York Times/Siena College shows the distance between John James and Michigan’s U.S. Senate seat is just one percentage point.

Perhaps the most interesting result: Gary Peters (D) holds just a 1 point lead over John James (R), 43-42, in the race for US Senate in Michigan, down from a 10 point lead in June — Nate Cohn (@Nate_Cohn) October 12, 2020

  • The Main Point. “In Michigan, Senator Gary Peters, a Democrat, faces a surprisingly strong challenge from John James, a graduate of West Point who is considered one of the Republicans’ top recruits of the cycle. Mr. Peters leads by just one percentage point, 43 percent to 42 percent, among likely voters,” writes elections correspondent Nate Cohn.
  • The more voters meet John James, the more they like him. “Mr. James’s favorability ratings have increased to 45 percent favorable versus 35 percent unfavorable, up from 36 percent favorable and 29 percent unfavorable in the June survey. Part of Mr. Peters’s weakness is that he has thus far failed to match Mr. Biden’s tallies among nonwhite voters, who disproportionately remain undecided.” 
  • John James is foiling Chuck Schumer’s attempt to flip control of the Senate. “A closely fought race in Michigan complicates the Democratic path to flipping control of the Senate, which has looked increasingly plausible as several Senate Republican incumbents have fared worse than the president in surveys. Yet here, it is the incumbent Democrat faring worse than Mr. Biden, and a Republican win in Michigan would force Democrats to pick up a win in a state that Mr. Trump won comfortably in 2016, like Iowa or Montana, to win Senate control.”

“The more voters get to know John James, the more they like him. His record in battle and in business and lifelong ethic of service before self stands in stark contrast to his opponent, Gary Peters, who is a 30-year career politician who has spent the last 3 decades getting wealthy hand over fist in public office,” said James campaign spokesperson Abby Walls. “Peters has tried to win this election by deceiving — deceiving voters about John James and lying to them about his own record accepting money from the drug companies he claims to hold accountable and misleading the public about his exclusive, ACA-exempt healthcare. It isn’t working.”

James is a Detroit businessman and combat veteran. He served as captain of two Apache helicopter platoons during Operation Iraqi Freedom. After his military service, James joined the family business – an automotive logistics company – and helped the company grow and provide quality jobs in Detroit. James and his family are on the same health insurance plan as his employees.