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John James: Now is the time to ‘socially distance’ from the Chinese Communist Party

‘The CCP has been hurting Michiganders for decades and now they’re killing us’

Livonia, Mich.—As America takes unprecedented steps to slow the coronavirus outbreak, John James today published an article calling for the U.S. government to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for the global spread of the disease and to end “wet markets” that likely was the point of origin for this pandemic:

“As we take extreme measures to prevent Coronavirus, we must also immediately take all efforts to truly shut down the global menace of wet markets and wildlife markets. Just as we social distance from colleagues and loved ones today, we must also social distance from countries that allow these wet market petri dishes to cause future pandemics.”

Further, James writes, the destructive government practices of the Chinese Communist Party aren’t exclusive to wet markets and don’t just hurt Chinese citizens. The Chinese Communist Party’s practices have a wide reach that have hurt Michiganders at home:

“Michigan is ground-zero for the CCP’s long-term strategy to hollow out America’s manufacturing base. For decades the CCP has engaged in predatory business practices, such as industrial espionage, dumping, intellectual property theft, currency manipulation and forced technology transfer, to name only the most blatant examples.”

Read James’ full article in the Thursday, March 26 edition of The Detroit News.