Conservative Outsider John James Announces Endorsement of Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio

“John’s family, like mine, instilled in him the importance of hard work and strong family values in order to achieve the American Dream. John’s ‘service before self’ mantra is exactly what we need in the Senate”

Michigan – The John James for U.S. Senate campaign announced today the endorsement of Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio. The Senator made the endorsement with John via video, as part of John’s ‘100 Videos in 100 Days’ series to speak directly with voters, unfiltered and unscripted.

“I am proud to endorse John James, a true patriot, for United States Senate,” Senator Rubio said. “John is pro-life, supports the Second Amendment and as a husband and father of two boys—shares the values we hold dearly as Americans.”

Working as a bartender and as a maid, Senator Rubio’s parents worked their way into the American middle class as Cuban immigrants. Senator Rubio, just like John, witnessed firsthand how his parents’ hard work and sheer determination led to achievement and new opportunities for his family.

“I am humbled and honored to have the full support of Senator Marco Rubio,” John James said immediately following the endorsement. “Senator Rubio, like myself, understands the power of the American Dream and what is possible through hard work and sacrifice. Both my parents and his, fought tooth and nail in order to provide us with opportunities that were not available to them.”

John’s father grew up in Mississippi, across the street from Mississippi State University at a time when he could not attend the school due to segregation. Refusing to fall into victimhood, John’s father moved to Michigan after serving in the Vietnam War, where he started a business hauling car parts to Milwaukee and beer from Kenosha. After serving overseas, John joined the family business, where he has increased revenues from $35 million per year to $137 million and created over 100 jobs in Michigan and throughout the country.

“John runs a business, knows what it’s like to make payroll and create jobs,” Senator Rubio said. “Michigan needs a strong leader like John James and I am proud to endorse him in his race for Senate.”