James Raises $1.17 Million, Quadruples Grassroots Fundraising Base during Q1

Conservative Outsider, Combat Veteran & Businessman John James has amassed over 12,000 individual, grassroots donors

Livonia, MI—Combat veteran and businessman John James raised $1.17 million in the first quarter of 2018 and has amassed over 12,000 individual, grassroots donors since announcing his campaign in the fall. The latest number of individual supporters quadrupled since December, evidence that his conservative outsider message is resonating.

“Our grassroots army continues to grow at an exponential rate,” James said. “As we continue to spread our conservative outsider message, focused on national security and economic opportunity for all, people are responding. Michiganders are responding to our message because they are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Michigan deserves a Senator who will put their interests first, NOT the interests of liberal coastal elites and Democratic Party leadership.”

“It takes career politicians decades to build a donor base, and John has done it in a quarter, a testament to his strong message and conviction,” said Tori Sachs, campaign manager. “The fact we have four times the donors we had in December is proof that John’s strong message focused on creating jobs and keeping Americans safe is resonating on social media and word of mouth considering the fact that we have yet to go on TV.”

“Our grassroots army is fired up and clamoring for a conservative outsider,” James said. “And when it’s time to battle, we’ll be ready to fight.”

Buoyed by big endorsements from President Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton, the American Conservative Union (Hosts CPAC), the Senate Conservatives Fund and the Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan, both national and state political observers are taking notice.

Politico, Axios, and Fox News have started to take notice of John James, because of his story and the strength of John James’s candidacy.

The James campaign recently announced the announced Operation: Let’s Fly MI, a multi-week tour of events and campaign stops that are streamed LIVE on social media. Operation: Let’s Fly MI follows James’s 100 Videos in 100 Days series, which garnered widespread attention and over one million views online.