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Tonight’s Feature: Sen. Peters’ and Schumer’s Partisan 95% Partnership

John James: “Sen. Peters will always choose his party over Michiganders.”

Livonia, MI — As Peters’ Minority Leader speaks at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, it’s time to review Peters’ six-year record choosing Chuck Schumer over Michiganders.

“Senator Peters will always choose his party over Michiganders. He will always vote party lines,” said John James, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. “He is somebody who votes with Chuck Schumer 95% of the time, which is a solid A as a New York Senator, and Bernie Sanders 85% of the time, which is a solid B as a socialist.”

Peters spent his last six years in office lock step with Schumer, killing legislation that would have helped the people of Michigan. Here are his top hits:

    • In June, Senator Peters and Minority Leader Schumer blocked a police reform bill from moving forward for debate. The bill would have included Peters provisions for the National Criminal Justice Commission Act that the Senator has introduced every year since he took office.
    • In August, Peters and Minority Leader Schumer blocked legislation that would have extended the $600 federal unemployment boost for unemployed Americans for another week, while Congress ironed out their next COVID-19 package. Senator Peters left D.C. with benefits running out and no short term extension — to make it back to Michigan for a campaign photo-op.
    • Last night, WXYZ’s “Truth Be Told” series reported the truth on a recent Peters’ ad in which he claims to help small businesses, when in reality Peters voted against the final that contained provisions from his own bill on the issue. The ad also fails to mention that Peters voted 106 times in favor of raising taxes and fees throughout his 30-year career.

Auto Industry Hypocrisy

As Peters plans to take the stage “to discuss how Joe Biden saved the Michigan auto industry and his plan to create a million new auto jobs,” two facts stand out:

    • Peters Bailed on Helping With The Bailout. Between 2009 and 2012 Senator Peters skipped over half (65%) of House Financial Services Committee hearings, at the peak of the automotive industry crisis.
    • Peters Won’t Stand Up To The Green New Deal. Last April, Peters joined with his Democrat colleagues in backing the Green New Deal, stating to reporters at a Climate Change Summit that, “I think it’s very exciting what’s happening around the Green New Deal and the energy around climate – that it has to be something we lean into” and that “there are many aspects of the Green New Deal I support.” One month prior to the comments, Senator Peters failed to denounce the job-killing legislation, voting “present” on a Green New Deal resolution that came before the U.S. Senate.

    “Typical career politician Sen. Peters is showing up in an election year, trying to benefit himself by taking credit for work he did not do. The financial crisis rocked our state, where countless Michiganders rely on jobs produced by the automotive industry, but Peters still couldn’t be bothered to show up,” said Abby Walls, campaign spokesperson. “Unlike his opponent who skips work, John James has provided jobs in the city of Detroit in the auto industry and will be the advocate for Michigan our businesses and innovators need.”