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New Ad Debunks Peters’ Lie: ‘No One Owns Me’ James Says in New Ad

Peters’ ridiculous attack ad accuses John James of supporting a plan before he was ever a candidate

Livonia, Mich. – The John James for Senate Campaign today released a new ad debunking the ridiculous lies spread by Sen. Peters’ attack ad on James.

“By now you’ve seen the nasty attack ads from Gary Peters — He says I’m not my own man but here’s the truth: I believe a quality education is a basic civil right,” James says in the ad. “Students in Michigan are behind, parents are desperate, teachers are at their wits’ end and Sen. Peters can’t even show up for work. Listen, Senator, you’re not running against President Trump or Betsy DeVos or any other boogeyman. You’re running against me. This may surprise you, Senator, but no one owns me.”

Last week Peters’ campaign accused James of being controlled by the DeVos family and of supporting U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ 2017 education budget — a plan proposed well before James ever announced running for public office.

In reality, here’s what James says about childhood education:

A child’s future should not be determined by their zip code now.

  • We must support all education options — public, charter, and private.
  • We need to give our teachers the resources they need including class supplies. The pandemic demonstrated how valuable good teachers are to society. Good teachers need to have incentives and compensation to reward them.
  • K-12 needs to focus on critical thinking skills, mastery of fundamental math, English, and the essential life skills of financial literacy, responsibility, communication, accountability and leadership.
  • Next, we need to train kids for a career, not just for college. College is one option. Skilled workforce training is another.

“A baseless and insulting attack like one put out by Peters is the mark of a campaign desperately looking to talk about anything but his failed record for Michigan families and his utter failure to show up for work” said Abby Walls, campaign spokesperson. “Peters’ lack of attendance at the committees he repeatedly promises to represent Michigan on is so dismal, his campaign can’t even come up with a way to explain it. Peters should stand up on the debate stage and defend his failed record before the Michigan public, not lob attacks from the sidelines.”