New Ad Holds Peters Accountable for Deception on China

Peters claims to be tough on China but misses 89% of hearings over five years on the committee that holds China accountable

Detroit, Mich.—The John James for Senate campaign released “Political Deception,” a new TV ad showing career politician Gary Peters’ failure to hold China accountable despite promises from his campaign.

“An investigation reveals Peters skipped work a stunning 89% of the time,” reads the ad. “Peters sits on the committee to hold China accountable. Five years, 18 hearings, Peters only shows up twice, does nothing about China. A very Washington move.”

“Gary Peters is all talk and no action. He makes promises during election time, but when it comes to actually doing what he promised, Peters failed to show up,” said Abby Walls, campaign spokesperson. “Peters missed 89% of the hearings to hold China accountable. His promises are empty— it’s a very Washington move.”

In 2015, following his election to the U.S. Senate, Peters was appointed to the Congressional Executive Commission on China and has missed 89% of the meetings. Congress created the Congressional Executive Commission on China (CECC) to hold China accountable on issues of law, human rights, economic regulations, and commercial disputes. The Commission has 9 US Senators, 9 US House members, and 5 Senior administration officials appointed by the President.

James has already come out strong against the Chinese government and put forward ideas to protect Americans from foreign threats, like China. James penned an op-ed in The Detroit News that called for the Chinese government to take more responsibility for its role in the global spread of COVID-19 as well as more aggressive policies toward the Chinese government. Specifically, James called for action to combat predatory economic practices and shut down wet markets.

James also wrote an op-ed for Fox News laying out the need to repatriate critical manufacturing and pharmaceutical development to ensure there will be no disruption of supply chain.

“Peters’ attempt to portray himself as strong on China is more empty promises by a 30-year career politician trying to cover up his preference to do nothing for Michigan,” Walls said. “The truth is, Sen. Peters has not ‘always been tough on the Chinese government.’ Michigan needs a battle-tested leader like John James who gets results.”

A transcription of “Political Deception” can be found below:

VO: The story of political deception begins 2014: Gary Peters wants your vote

PETERS: “That’s why I’m fighting to crack down on China.”
VO: 2020: Career politician Peters wants your vote again

PETERS: “I’ve always been tough on the Chinese government”

VO: Not true. An investigation reveals Peters missed skipped work a stunning 89% of the time. Peters sits on the committee to hold China accountable. 5 years. 18 hearings. Peters only shows up twice. Does nothing about China. A Very Washington move.