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Nickel Promise

“A Committment to Serving the Community”

What is John James’ Nickel Promise? For every dollar donated to John James’ campaign a nickel – or 5% of campaign contributions– will be donated to start making a positive impact on the lives of Michiganders, today. Spending in the 2020 election cycle is expected to top $10 billion, and John isn’t going to wait until after Election Day to get better results for Michigan. He is going to start now.

So, why a nickel? John got the idea for the Nickel Promise from his Nickel Ride when he was training to be an Army aviator. The “nickel ride” is the first time that a U.S. Army flight student hops into a helicopter and takes flight. At the end of their inaugural ride, the student presents to their flight instructor a nickel from the year they were born.

Since the announcement of the Nickel Promise six months ago, the John James for Senate campaign has given over a million dollars to charitable organizations and causes.

Over $1 million

donated so far