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James Campaign Releases ‘The Nickel Promise’ Ad

“Every dollar donated is going to change someone’s life for the better,” James says in new ad

DETROIT, Mich. — The John James for Senate campaign today released a new ad, highlighting the $547,000 given by the campaign to help communities all around the state of Michigan.

When mulling his bid for U.S. Senate, James says in the 30-second spot, he wanted to make sure his campaign would be more than just talk, and would start helping real people in Michigan right away. That is when James came up with the idea of “The Nickel Promise.”

“Politicians in the 2020 cycle are going to be raising billions of dollars to convince people they care about their communities and not a nickel of it will go to help Michiganders,” James said. “But I thought, ‘Why wait? Why not start doing good on Day One.”

The Nickel Promise pledges to give a nickel for every dollar raised from his 2020 U.S. Senate campaign to charity.

“I’m doing this to bring honor and glory to God and to show His love for humanity through my actions, not just my words. I am so grateful for His grace and for the generosity of thousands who still support me during their own trying and uncertain times,” James said. “In West Point you learn ‘mission first, people always’ and that is what I am focused on doing. When I decided to run, I made the commitment that I wasn’t going to wait until I got elected to make a positive difference in the lives of Michiganders.”

Since the announcement of the Nickel Promise nearly a year ago, the John James for Senate campaign has given $547,500 to charitable causes, including COVID relief efforts in Michigan.

One of the recipients was Central City Integrated Health (CCIH), a Federally Qualified Health Center locatedat the epicenter of the COVID crisis in Midtown Detroit, who received $200,000 to purchase critical personal protective equipment (PPE) to safeguard caregivers, medical professionals and patients. Prior to the delivery, CCIH was unable to conduct in-person visits.

A full list of the recipients of funds from the Nickel Promise in the first quarter of 2020 are listed below:

For more on the Nickel Promise, click here.

James’ record of selfless service extends beyond his campaign for Senate. Prior to running for elected office, James served eight years in the Army, flying more than 750 combat hours as an Apache helicopter pilot in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Upon returning home, James took the helm of his family’s business, where he has continued the company’s legacy supporting the local Detroit community.

The new ad is set to run statewide and a full transcript can be found below:

JAMES: The nickel ride is terrifying. It’s the first time that a flight student in the United States Army hops into a helicopter and is initiated into Army aviation. This nickel promise idea came when I was deciding whether or not I was going to run. We are going to start by contributing five percent or just a nickel for every dollar we raise to improving the lives of Michiganders. Win or lose, Every dollar donated is going to change someone’s life for the better.