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NEW POLL: John James Within Striking Distance of Peters

John James’ momentum grows as November approaches

Livonia, Mich. – A new poll issued by CNBC shows that U.S. Senate candidate John James is the candidate gaining momentum as just 83 days remain until Election Day.

The poll shows 45% of voters back James, while 48% side with Peters. The margin of error is 1.89%. The Michigan U.S. Senate race has been ranked a “toss-up” by Real Clear Politics.

“As voters learn more about Sen. Peters it only makes sense they don’t like what they see—30 years of ineffectiveness and inaction that has left Michigan in the lurch. John James is a leader who will take Michigan in the right direction and who has the experience necessary to protect Michigan and help more people achieve the American Dream,” said Abby Walls, campaign spokesperson.

The poll also shows that Michiganders feel the impact of coronavirus is getting worse as the year wears on.

“This is bad news for Sen. Peters, who in his own words was responsible for overseeing the federal response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” Walls said. “He knew for years that our country was unprepared for a pandemic but did not show up for Michigan and did not take steps to prepare us. He ignored reports and missed most subcommittee hearings. John James knows what it takes to protect Michiganders because he’s done it before.”

James is a Detroit businessman and combat veteran. He served as captain of two Apache helicopter platoons during Operation Iraqi Freedom. After his military service, James joined the family business – an automotive logistics company – and helped the company grow and provide quality jobs in Detroit.