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National Review: John James ‘represents the best chance for a Republican Senate candidate to beat a Democratic incumbent in 2020’

National Review’s latest cover story showcases the star power of John James’ bid for U.S. Senate

Livonia, Mich. – Today’s cover of the National Review, features John James – a combat veteran and Detroit businessman – as Senate Republicans’ Number One pick-up opportunity in 2020.

“With the exception of Alabama, where voters probably will reverse 2017’s fluke election of Democrat Doug Jones, Michigan represents the best chance for a Republican Senate candidate to beat a Democratic incumbent in 2020,” the article states. “Polls already suggest a tight race, and James is sure to receive more attention and support than he did last time. ‘We’ll be there to push John across the finish line,’ says Senator Todd Young of Indiana, who chairs the National Republican Senatorial Committee.”

At the center of the story is James’ powerful biography. Born and raised in Detroit, James went on to attend West Point and serve eight years in the Army as a ranger-qualified Apache pilot. James served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and returned to his hometown to take control of his family’s Detroit-based automotive business.

“Leading a big company probably would have been enough to occupy him for the rest of his career—but James says that he was haunted by visions of Detroit during the Great Recession,” the article says of James’ lifelong commitment to put service before self. “At first, he focused on his business and the jobs it supported. Yet he wanted to do more.”

James will be strong leader for Michigan, one who will protect Michigan interests and jobs from foreign threats, like China.

“He also thinks the time has come to confront China over its trade policies as well as its provocations in the South China Sea. ‘If we don’t fight this conflict with soybeans now, we’ll fight it with bullets later,’” the article reads. “Shortly after the coronavirus pandemic shut down Michigan in March, he slammed Beijing in an op-ed for the Detroit News: ‘The world must socially distance itself from the Chinese Communist Party.'”

The full story can be read online or found in the June 1 print edition of the National Review.