Better Health Care

We need to have a market-based, patient-centered approach that must protect people with pre-existing conditions. And whatever plan I support must include tort reform and regulatory reform in a manner that lowers cost while increasing quality of care. We must increase transparency and competition to get the best care for folks.

I run an automotive supplier company where I make sure my employees are on the same insurance plan that me and my own family is on. I want to reform the parts of the Affordable Care Act that don’t work, increase the cost of health care, give too many decisions to the government, and offer patients too few options. People in this country have a right to own their own healthcare.

I oppose the movement to eliminate employer-provided health care in exchange for a nationalized, socialized, single-payer health care system.

We need people to be healthy. In addition to healthcare reform, we must get to the root causes of overall health in this country. We need a system that emphasizes preventive wellness care so to stop risks before they start. This means more wellness coverage including trauma, addiction, mental health, nutrition and fitness, and health insurance options that are affordable and increase access.