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A Passion for Service: Faith & Family, God & Country, Service before Self.

Combat Veteran who understands National Security – We will begin work to develop strategies to address our debt, improve our cyber defenses, and give our military the resources that they need to keep Americans safe. Those who love America and protect its interests will be shown great generosity. Those who attack America and its allies will have no hope for survival.

Business Leader who understands Economic Opportunity – Michigan families want good paying jobs, safe communities and a fair shot at the American Dream. I understand how to create jobs, because I’ve done it before. I will prioritize quality of life and quality of future for ALL Michigan families.

Conservative Outsider who supports the Trump Agenda – Actions speak louder than words and from tax relief for working families to the elimination of overbearing government regulations, President Trump is keeping his promises to the American people.

We need a job creator in the US Senate, someone who has signed the front and back of a paycheck and who understands economic opportunity. Understanding that jobs are part of the solution. But not the only solution. We have to upscale existing labor force. We need to increase entrepreneurship which allows everyone to achieve the American dream.

Supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States means abiding by it as written. I will fight to preserve separation of powers, fight for limited government and will approve justices who will interpret the constitution as written.

I understand how to secure a border because I’ve done it before. Sovereign nations must have secure borders and entry points. I support Kate’s Law and I will support defunding ‘sanctuary cities,’ or as I call them, ‘outlaw cities’.

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, SHALL NOT be infringed.” Enough said!

I am 100% Pro-Life. Always have been. Always will be.

We must to do a better job preparing our service members for life outside of the military, because re-integrating into civilian life should not be the toughest battle that we (vets) face.

Protecting Social Security for our seniors today and saving it for our grandchildren tomorrow are moral obligations. Hard working and honest Michiganders of all generations are owed a return on their lifelong investment into the System.

Health care costs continue to rise and Senator Stabenow fails to find solutions for Michigan families. We must find cost effective, patient centered, medical solutions that provide quality health care at low cost. We must focus on prevention and allow families to have choice in their approach to health care.

Our debt is a national security threat. We must rein in spending! I would support a balanced budget amendment and will work to cut waste and consolidate or eliminate entire departments in the federal bureaucracy.

Pot holes and blighted buildings have no place in Michigan’s future. I will work to ensure an infrastructure package that is more than simply repairing our legacy but building our future.

Michigan is a global leader in the agriculture and automotive industries. I support free, but fair trade. We must ensure that our trade deals and federal regulations make sense, do not put Michigan-made goods at a disadvantage and keep jobs in Michigan.

Dependency should not be the destiny of any American. Michigan deserves a Senator who will work to eliminate poverty, not just make it more comfortable.

We are a nation of immigrants but we are also a nation of laws. We welcome legal immigrants, but illegal immigration is a direct affront to our laws and to those who abide by them. We must end illegal immigration.

Michigan’s food and agricultural industry includes over 52,000 farms, employing over 900,000 Michiganders. To remain a global leader in agriculture we must ensure that federal regulations make sense and do not put Michigan farmers on an unequal playing field with our competitors.

Every child in Michigan should be career or college ready when he or she leaves high school. Parents and local communities should be empowered to determine the best way to achieve this goal, not Washington.

Our Great Lakes are a national treasure which also supports a robust fish and tourism industry here in Michigan. I will champion policies and programs that not only protect environmental quality throughout the Great Lakes but will protect them from invasive species such as Asian carp.

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