Grassroots Fundraising Dashboard

Fundraising Dashboard

What is Grassroots fundraising?

If we’re going to beat John’s career politician opponent in 2020, we’ll need all hands on deck. Chuck Schumer and other national Democrats are spending millions to stop John, and we need to fight back.The best way to help us fight?

Become an official grassroots fundraiser for Team John James. By signing up to become an official grassroots fundraiser for our campaign, you can help us reach the largest audience of conservative grassroots donors possible.

How does it work?

After you register as a Team John James official grassroots fundraiser, you will receive a unique fundraising ID and custom link. These tools will provide you access to our Grassroots Fundraising Dashboard, where you can track your fundraising efforts for John.

Signing up as an official grassroots fundraiser for Team John James gives you the ability to get your friends and family more involved in the campaign.