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John James Raises Nearly $14.4M In The Final Stretch

James The Only GOP Candidate To Match Their Opponent This Quarter

Livonia, Mich. — The John James for Senate campaign announced raising $14.4 million in the third quarter — the only GOP senate candidate in the nation to match their opponent this quarter.  As of October 1, the cash on hand reported was $8.7 million.

“John James as a combat veteran and Detroit job creator has lived his life putting service before self, and Michiganders are ready to elect John James to represent them in Washington. Thanks to the continued generosity of those ready for change, we are in position for victory in November,” said Abby Walls, campaign spokesperson. “Gary Peters has squandered Michiganders’ time and money in the U.S. Senate, skipping committee hearings and missing meetings, and the hardworking people of our state want and deserve better.”

In keeping with James’ Nickel Promise, the campaign has now given over $1 million to charity.

“At the beginning of this campaign, John James promised to make a difference before ever taking office, and that’s just what he’s done,” Walls said. “The campaign has proudly given over $1,000,000 to Michiganders in need.”

James is a Detroit businessman and combat veteran. He served as captain of two Apache helicopter platoons during Operation Iraqi Freedom. After his military service, James joined the family business – an automotive logistics company – and helped the company grow and provide quality jobs in Detroit.