30 Conservative Republicans from the Michigan Legislature Endorse John James for Senate

Republican Leaders Want A Strong Candidate Who Is Conservative And Can Defeat Sen. Stabenow

Livonia, MI—The John James for U.S. Senate campaign announced endorsements from members of the Michigan Legislature all across the state.

“As the current Chair of the House Military and Veterans Affairs Committee, I knew John was the right man for the job after I asked him what his greatest accomplishment has been. His response was bringing back all of his soldiers from Iraq, alive, and unharmed.” – State Rep. Jason Wentworth (97th House District)

“John James has the experience, background, courage, and raw passion to inject a serious dose of ‘butt kick’” into the U.S. Senate. We’ve had enough of career politicians like Debbie Stabenow who only SAY enough to get re-elected… but never DO anything of measure.” – State Sen. Mike Shirkey (16th State Senate District)

“For far too long, we Michiganders have been misrepresented by our U.S. Senators. It is time for us to get behind a candidate who will truly fight for us. John James is a father, husband, business owner and military veteran. He has the values, compassion, and energy that we need in Washington D.C.” – State Rep. Mary Whiteford (80th House District)

“I support John James because “he gets it”. He understands business and what it takes to create jobs, raise a family and defend our country. That’s why I’m supporting John James for the US Senate.” – State Rep. Dan Lauwers (81st House District)


State Sen. Mike Shirkey (16th)
State Sen. Jim Stamas (36th)
State Sen. John Proos (21st)
State Sen. Wayne Schmidt (37th)
State Sen. Judy Emmons (33rd)
State Sen. Joe Hune (22nd)
State Rep. Laura Cox (19th)
State Rep. Dave Pagel (78th)
State Rep. Jim Tedder (43rd)
State Rep. Mary Whiteford (80th)
State Rep. Joseph Graves (51st)
State Rep. Dan Lauwers (81st)
State Rep. Jason Sheppard (56th)
State Rep. Hank Vaupel (47th District)
State Rep. Holly Hughes (91st)
State Rep. Bronna Kahle (57th)
State Rep. Jason Wentworth (97th)
State Rep. Eric Leutheuser (58th)
State Rep. Gary Glenn (98th)
State Rep. Aaron Miller (59th)
State Rep. Roger Hauck (99th)
State Rep. Julie Alexander (64th)
State Rep. Curt Vanderwall (101st)
State Rep. Jim Lower (70th)
State Rep. Michele Hoitenga (102nd)
State Rep. Tom Barrett (71st)
State Rep. Triston Cole (105th)
State Rep. Steven Johnson (72nd)
State Rep. Lee Chatfield (107th)
State Rep. Beau LaFave (108th)

“I am honored to have the support of so many conservative leaders in the Michigan legislature,” James said. “Their support is a testament to our growing grassroots army, conservative outsider message, and our ability to defeat Sen. Stabenow in November. Thank you to the conservative members of our state legislature, who work hard to defend the constitution, protect the sanctity of life and advocate for our conservative principles. I look forward to doing the same and working with you to advocate for all the people of Michigan in the U.S. Senate.”

John James is a pro-business, pro-life, pro-Second Amendment conservative who, at 17, made the decision to serve his country. After graduating from West Point in 2004, he became a Ranger-qualified aviation officer. John went on to serve with distinction in Operation Iraqi Freedom where he logged over 750 combat flight hours while leading two Apache platoons.

After eight years of service to the nation, John James returned to Michigan to work in the family business: James Group International. Currently its President, James has led the company from $35 million to $137 million in revenue while creating 100 additional jobs in Michigan and around the country since 2012.

John James is the sole conservative in the 2018 Michigan U.S. Senate Race with the exclusive endorsement of Right to Life, Senate Conservatives Fund, American Conservative Union (hosts of CPAC), and the Family Research Council. They join previous endorsements including ABC of Michigan, Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, Congressman Paul Mitchell, Congressman Mike Bishop, Ambassador John Bolton, Sen. Marco Rubio, former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill, former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Bob Young, and many others.