Congressman Jack Bergman Endorses John James

Rep. Bergman, a retired United States Marine Corps lieutenant general, endorsed John James Monday

TRAVERSE CITY – Congressman Jack Bergman (MI-1), the highest ranking combat veteran ever elected to the US Congress, endorsed John James for US Senate Monday in TraverseCity.

“I’m proud to endorse John James, a combat veteran and job creator who understands what it takes to accomplish the toughest of missions, to be Michigan’s next US Senator,” Rep. Bergman said Monday. “From his time in the military to his experience as a business leader, John James has demonstrated the ability to achieve results. John understands how to keep Americans safe, because he’s done it before and he understands how to create jobs, because he’s done it before.”

Rep. Bergman is a retired United States Marine Corps Lieutenant General and the U.S. Representative for Michigan’s 1st Congressional District. He served as commanding General of Marine Forces Reserve and Marine Forces North. He also served as a naval aviator.

“I am humbled and honored to accept the endorsement of Congressman Jack Bergman, a fellow veteran and aviator who is a fighter for Michigan’s 1st District,” James said Monday. “I am honored to have Rep. Bergman’s support and look forward to serving with him in Washington to fight for what’s right, including the fight to ensure our veterans get the benefits they’ve earned and to protect the American Dream for generations to come.”

James announced the “1975 Pacer of the Past Stabenow vs. 2019 Dodge Ram of the Future John James” campaign Saturday. Stabenow was first elected to public office in 1975, the same year American Motors introduced America to the Pacer to much fanfare and admiration from the automotive press. The vehicle was introduced to the American people as something different than the status quo. Despite the fanfare from the press and initial hype, the Pacer quickly fell out of favor, and production ceased just five years later, in 1980. [RELEASE: James Campaign Announces “1975 Pacer of the Past Stabenow vs. 2019 Dodge Ram of the Future John James”]

John James defeated businessman and self-funder Sandy Pensler in the August 7th primary with 55% of the vote. James raised nearly $5 million in the primary from over 35,000 grassroots donors who along with the over half a million people who voted for James in the primary, make up his grassroots army, the largest in the country this cycle.

After graduating from West Point in 2004, James became a Ranger-qualified aviation officer. He went on to serve with distinction in Operation Iraqi Freedom, logging over 750 combat flight hours while leading two platoons.

After eight years of service to the nation, James returned to Michigan to work in the family business: James Group International. Currently its President, he has led the company from $35 million to $137 million in revenue while creating 100 additional jobs.